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"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:31


Cole Ohrt 

On December 21, 2017, Cole Ohrt, a young man from a local community, was thrown from an ATV he was in while travelling across a muddy pasture helping out on his family's land. The injury he sustained resulted in Cole no longer being able to move or feel below the level of his shoulders. In addition, he was not able to breath on his own. Over the next 23 months Cole was in ICU for 6 weeks followed by 4 months in an inpatient rehab center.















He then received home health which seemed inadequate for his needs at the time. The closest facility with the equipment he needed was 2 hours away in Sugarland, Texas. As often happens in small town Texas, USA, family, friends and even strangers rallied around Cole and formed an organizations called Cole Strong. The organization was able to take care of Cole's medical needs. Even to the point of flying him by private jet to China for stem cell surgery and intensive therapy. His therapy sessions included daily passive walking on a walking machine. One of the biggest achievements Cole accomplished during therapy while in China was being able to hold his head up for 16 minutes. 
















Cole has had an extensive medical adventure. He has endured much travel, numerous hospitalizations, surgeries, several bouts with pneumonia, days of rest and unrest, hope and despair, progress and set backs. What may present from the outside as insignificant progress is in fact most relevant and victorious. Through it all, Cole and his family's faith and hope have sustained him and them in their darkest hours and illuminated the path God has set before them. With a grateful heart for all those who have prayed with and for him and the people he and his family have met along this journey, Cole has been inspired to bless others as he has been blessed. By the strength and courage of heart Cole has come to know, he along with his family and friends have formed the

COLE OHRT WALK STRONG (COWS) organization.  



Cole Ohrt Walk Strong is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit organization working with the community to bring the Lokomat Pro(R) , a Neuro- Robotic walking device, to the Crossroads.


Board of Directors

*Founder- Cole Ohrt * President- Julie Ohrt * VIce President-Leanne Hempel *   Secretary- Rhonda Mayfield *  Treasurer- Leslie Crews *   Board Member-Sally Kuecker




Our Mission

To bring this advanced Neuro Robotic therapy to the Crossroads and give those unable to walk an opportunity to benefit from a proven therapy for increasing levels of mobility witht he ultimate goal of a new future for each.


I watched in agony as the small creature struggled to free himself from the golden shield of protection. Unbearable. I released him from the bondage. With bright-eyed expectation, I watched and waited for the lovely imago to flourish, but no! He sat. With a bewildered heart, I asked, “Why aren’t you darting amongst the fragrant flowers and mighty trees my exquisite butterfly?” He looked at me in despair, “I cannot fly. I cannot lift my wings. In your zeal to free me from my struggle, you have made me weak.”


The struggle is real, the triumph glorious!

Like a butterfly we are trapped in our chrysalis of trials. The struggle to break free of the golden shield strengthens us, prepares us, enables us to emerge prepared for the journey that lies ahead. Premature freedom from the work makes us weak, ill-prepared and unable to take flight and soar. Indeed, it is overwhelming to watch a loved one struggle, but at times, struggle they must. For in our fight, we move from disabled to able, weak to strong, passive to persistent, from who we think we are to who God made us for.

A Butterfly Celebration Wall is being created as a fundraiser for the Cole Ohrt Walk Strong Organization. The wall will be located in the COAL Center wing at Building Kid Steps, where the Lokomat Pro(R)  & ArmeoSpring(R) will be utilized. If you would like to honor, memorialize or in any other way to contribute to the Butterfly wall please click on the link below for more details. 

Victoria Location

4208 Retama Circle

Victoria,Texas 77901

Cuero Satellite Location

2550 N. Esplanade

Cuero,Texas 77954


Satellite Location

1013 S.Wells Street

Edna,TX 77957

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Victoria Location

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Building Kid Steps, LLC does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment, or on the basis of sex in its health programs and activities. For further information about this policy, contact: Amanda Luddeke, Section 504 Coordinator, at 361-578-2257 or for TDD/State Relay - 1-800-735-2989.



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