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Our Mission

Through a team approach including our staff, clients, parents, caregivers, and community we strive to…


* Provide cutting edge, evidence-based therapy to assist our “kids” in becoming the best version of themselves.

*Provide families education and support regarding their child’s individual therapeutic needs and how it may impact   the entire family.

Our Goals

 * We will do what is ethically, moral, and just to provide the services to each of our clients based on their individual needs.

*We will secure the equipment, tools, and resources as we are able to provide for the clients    as it relates to their needs in becoming the best version of themselves.

*We will continue to educate ourselves in new techniques, treatment ideas and innovative thinking to find solutions to difficult situation.

*We will reach out for prayer, counsel, financial and any other assistance to those who may be  on this journey with us, to aide us in our lofty efforts, to be

a place where everyone can               Nunc Coepi.


Our Story.... 

Building Kid Steps-Established May 1, 2011

Providing Pediatric Therapy Rehab Services including:

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Serving Children birth to 21

We are excited to announce we are growing.........

                                    In keeping with our mission, philosophy, and goals                                  Building Kid Steps  is blessed to announce we are expanding  our

 Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services

                                  to include adults with neurological or orthopedic                                                   needs  who may benefit from

          the Lokomat®Pro- for neuromuscular lower extremity rehab,

         the Armeo®Spring- for neuromuscular upper extremity rehab,

or skilled feeding and speech services.

April 30, 2020 collaboration with Cole Ohrt Walk Strong Non-profit begins!

Who is Cole Ohrt?

Cole is a young man from the area who was thrown from an ATV on December 21, 2017 while helping on his family’s ranch. The injury resulted in Cole no longer being able to move or feel below the level of his shoulders. In addition, he was not able to breath on his own. Cole has spent an extensive amount of time in ICU and rehab. He continues to require medical assistance but thrives on his desire and determination to walk strong. Much needed funds were raised by Cole’s family, friends, and community of believers to provide Cole and his family with the support and the Lokomat®Pro to continue his recovery. Now Cole wants to share this gift with others.

What is Cole Ohrt Walk Strong-COWS?

COWS is a 501(c)3 with a mission to bring the Lokomat® Pro, a neuro robotic walking device to the Crossroads area and give those unable to walk an opportunity to benefit from a proven therapy for increasing levels of mobility with the ultimate goal of a new future for each.

It is through Cole’s inspiration, research by his supporters, and funding through his non-profit organization that Cole and many others will have an opportunity to Nunc Coepi and Walk Strong.

Building Kid Steps
Cole Ohrt Walk Strong Non-profit

are collaborating to bring a state-of-the-art Lokomat®Pro to Victoria, Texas. This equipment will be available to serve the community and greater South Texas as the Lokomat®Pro devices are limited in comparison to the vastness of Texas geography. There are similar devices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and West Texas.

The inspired journey of both Cole Ohrt Walk Strong and Building Kid Steps has culminated in the union of many hearts beating as one to form the COAL Center- Christ Over All Limitation which will be located on the Building Kid Steps campus in Victoria. Our collective mission is to bring hope for those who cannot stand or walk alone, to Nunc Coepi, to know we begin again, we stand and walk together. We welcome you to join our journey.

Our Philosophy

 Nunc Coepi - 

             “now I begin.”            

We believe in 

   the words of      Venerable

  Bruno Lanteri-                 

“If I should fall even a thousand times a day, a thousand times, with peaceful repentance, I will say immediately,

Nunc Coepi   

[Now I begin]”

We believe this for our clients as well and strive to provide what is necessary to assist them to begin as many times as is required to be the person, they were created to be.

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